My first trade was the Yahoo IPO in 1996. I pumped all my summer job savings from high school into the market and was hooked. My account swung around with the ups and downs of the tech bubble and by the end it was clear that I needed more guidance. 

While in college I studied applied math and economics, which led to a career in trading at major banks and hedge funds. I devoured every book I could on the subject of trading and was blessed when the bibliography of one of those books mentioned, Trading with Dinapoli Levels. After flying through the book I wrote JJoe an email and he wrote back! Joe was the only author I contacted who immediately responded and continued the dialogue. I was able to apply his methods during the Global Financial Crisis and European Sovereign Crises and clean up. 

From there I took 5 seminars with Joe, Pieter, and Tony and applied their knowledge in successful runs at banks and hedge funds. They have made me a better person and trader. 

It has been an honor to learn from Joe and I'm forevrever grateful that he was willing to share his knowledge and experience with me. He has changed my life's trajectory. 

Ateet Ahluwalia