Joe DiNapoli is an honest person whom I have had the honor of meeting in my life. The meeting was a coincidence. Everything happens by chance in moments when you are not waiting at all.
Those moments can be life changing.

Joe and I met at the Money Expo presentation in Prague 2015.
I was at the very beginning learning trading and trying to decide on a technique to perceive charts as such. I had read several books on trading, but they have never given me a clear beginning and end in terms of content. They never showed me what I needed to know. I could not understand what goal to work towards. The techniques they taught didn't make sense to me. That's why my father and brother and I randomly bought an entrance to
Joe's presentation and said why not give this a try.

The way Joe performed and the way he presented his technique won me over. His technique gave the head and heel from the first moment you see its use on the price chart. Clear rules. Clear conditions.
After the presentation, we bought Joe's book and met Joe.

This was followed by the studied books 1x 2x 3x 4x and the use of DiNapoli level in practice on the price chart. I studied diligently about a year on how the market price works on DiNapoli levels.

The book gave many examples. My father and brother asked me if it makes sense to deal with this or we have to look for another way. The answer was clear ... it makes sense!

Since 2016, I have known that this is the way. Like every beginner, we managed to make more money in a short time and then lose it again quickly. That's why I decided to attend my first basic seminar with Joe in Florida at Joe's Villa.
The situation here in the Czech Republic, where I live, cannot be understood other than by self-study, no one here knows DiNapoli levels. However, from the beginning, I believed this would be ... the road.
Subsequently, I attended an advanced seminar with Joe, Piotr Grela, Thomas Augustynowicz, and Pawel Besler in Poland, where I had the opportunity to meet all of them. The seminar gave me more motivation to my work and further my knowledge about the market. Then I studied for another year and the results started to appear ..

The next year, my brother and I flew to Cape Town to see Pieter van Wyk, where I had the honor of meeting both Pieter and Atheet. I can say that during the whole time I studied both technique and personalities who have the same goal.
These personalities make big money, they are people you wouldn't be able to know without the private seminars they offer.

They are not involved with Ferrari, big houses, flashy presentation style.

They are real people who live their lives filled with trading,
family, and life as such not material things that are fleeting. When you realize this, trading can give you big money, but in the beginning there must be a desire to work for it, to educate yourself, to get to know each other, to try to fulfill one's life .. what can be better than
doing work that one enjoys is fulfilling and as a reward... a by-product is money.

The whole time I went to seminars and learned, I traded Forex. Forex as we know has a different characteristic of behavior than centralized markets, so the results were very lukewarm after 5 years .. I decided after 5 years for the Emini S&P futures market.

At this point i am an intraday trader only in the ES futures market. After my experience and overall study of DiNapoli's technique, I can say that I am a supporter of precision in my approach. If you want to know your market, you must first learn to observe it perfectly.
In my thoughts I have a quote once uttered by a respected person Bruce Lee .. "I'm not afraid of a person who has practiced 10,000 situations once, I am afraid of a person who has practiced 1 situation 10,000 times"
I would like to thank my father and brother, without whose support, mutual discussions, quarrels, and improvements I would not be where I am today. Joe, without whom this would not be possible. He invented a technique that makes sense. If you have enough determination and you can see that your trading is fulfilling, this technique will bring you a by-product (money). Joseph who moved me both in interesting communication and support during my first seminar. Pieter Van Wyk for the same. To this day, I remember his words when I left Cape Town .. "one day you will be rich" ..
Wealth only gave me knowledge of these people on my way ...
It is my great pleasure to become another of DiNapoli experts.

Lubos Vugrinec