My beginnings with the financial markets were not very favorable to me. Before buying my first shares (at the age of 27), I was up to date with market news, searched the internet for information, read books on how to properly invest in the stock markets, but on my first investment I lost 50% of my savings. At that time, my approach to investing in the stock market was completely wrong. After this experience, I was convinced that I needed to look for experienced and professional investors who were already active on the financial markets. In this way, I had the privilege of personal learning for Piotr Grela's "Mentoring Program". I was fascinated by the knowledge he gave me. I began to explore DiNapoli's techniques practically every day. 

In the years 2014-2016 I participated in three advanced seminars with Joe DiNapoli and two with Pieter Van Wyk. 

In November 2016, I made the biggest loss in my history. It was crucial for my further development. According to Tony DiNatale, who always said on the forum "You must know your market", I gave up trading for half a year, during which I got to know my market and tested the knowledge I got from Piotr, Pieter and Joe. In this way I discovered set ups that work on German bonds. 

In addition, in cooperation with Piotr Grela, Pieter Van Wyk and Joe DiNapoli I managed to create a mini trading plan "ping pong trade". So I loved to analyze the charts that I do it at any free time. 

Joe DiNapoli's "Trading course", Piotr Grela's "MasterSwing Newsletter" and "DLFF" by Pieter Van Wyk contributed to set the proper direction of my learning. These Materials are knowledge mines that I recommend to everyone. 

Questions I asked on the forum and answers given by fantastic and kind traders made my level of knowledge grow and I became one of the experts. 

I built my success on failures. Self-confidence, hard work, motivation and the ability to rise after failure have made my dreams come true. 

My goal will be to share knowledge, and to help other traders - the way other people helped me in the past.