My name is Piotr Grela. My adventure with trading in futures’ markets started somewhere in 1996. I have been interested in trading financial instruments ever since I remember. 

To make right investment decisions in futures’ markets, stocks, or Forex requires long enough experience. Not to mention ability for quick response in such a dynamic environment. 

More then 20 years ago it all began with hedging cash positions on Chicago Board of Trade for a grain trading house. Commodities have become my financial instrument of choice. I do however trade all other liquid financial instruments as well. I am an active trader. 

From the beginning I always put more emphasis towards technical analysis then fundamental analysis. At early stages of my learning curve I understood the insufficiency of typical technical analysis approaches. The whole world of analysis turned around when I studied Joe DiNapoli's way of trading the markets. In matter of weeks, after following his advises, I started to look at charts in completely different way. Suddenly charts began telling me something much different then I realized before. 

What has been very motivating was direct support given to me by Joe DiNapoli. It is a non-standard approach. We all can benefit same way from taking part in forums dedicated for learning and exchanging trading ideas. Knowing the material, I went to meet Joe DiNapoli in one of his seminars in Moscow, in 1999. I realized that face-to-face meeting has given me even more then I thought. Having the opportunity to attend one of his splendid seminars is a must for everybody! 

Then in 2004 I was assisting Joe in seminars given by him in Poland when his book " Trading with DiNapoli's levels " was translated into Polish. 

Using Joe DiNapoli's methods You will be able to notice turning points in markets, enter safely in direction of prevailing trend with great risk management which will allow you to manage your positions properly. 

Living in Poland by the sea coast having possibilities of reading and trading markets all over the world is fascinating occurrence to me. I am pleased to be an Expert on these forums. 

All the best, 
Piotr Grela 

  • Active Trader – trading actively on the futures’ markets, stocks and Forex for more then 20 years now
  • DiNapoli Expert and Authorized Trainer for over 15 years now
  • Conducting Private Seminars and Advanced Private Seminars for better understanding of DiNapoli techniques
  • Publisher of weekly report on the financial markets “MasterSwingNewsletter”
  • Author of the book “Futures’ markets – Concepts and Trading Systems” published in 2009 ( in Polish )
  • The first ever Polish Trader conducting training at the prestigious The Traders’ Expo in New York in February 2016
  • Conducting lectures during MoneyExpo Trading in Prague and ForexExpo in Moscow in 2015
  • The first Polish who led the presentation in November 2013 during the famous The World Money Show in London
  • The first Polish conducting training at the worldwide known The Traders’ Expo in London in March 2012
  • Conducting training during known in Europe “The WallStreet Conference” and various workshops organized by the Polish Private Investors’ Association
  • Being regularly interviewed on various TV financial programs on status of the financial markets